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K.M specializes in manufacturing various precision non-standard components

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Very professional in research, development, manufacturing and services.

K.M Modelling Co., Ltd. was established in H.K. in 2012 and is very professional in the research, development, manufacturing and service of precision mold parts. After several years of struggle, K.M has become a special OEM factory with many honest customers in the world.
K.M has the ability to manufacture a variety of precision non-standard components; These components are often used in precision stamping molds, plastic molds, car molds, medical molds, computer connector molds, and other factory automation components. Our products are mainly sold to all world wide
We are able to manufacture and inspect custom products in accordance with world brand standards as well as GB, JIS, DIN and AISI international industrial standards. Product accuracy: Dimensional tolerance is within 0.001 mm, axial direction is within 0.002 mm, roundness is within 0.0015 mm, surface roughness is within Ra0.025, and straightness is within 0.002.

our vantage&why choose us

Our products are mainly sold to China, Europe, America, East Asia and Southeast Asia.


Equipment capacity

Our factory has milling machines, grinders, inner/outer round Mills, fast/slow wire, CNC and other precision machines, processing accuracy of 0.02 mm. Projector, altimeter, hardness meter, micrometer and other high-precision detection instruments

Implementation of the 5S campaign

The implementation of the 5S campaign, on-site quality management and real-time quality sampling are the basis for reaching the established quality plan. According to the ISO9001:2000 quality management model, reduce the waste caused by poor quality and strictly control production costs. Meet customer demand for quality and delivery.

Excellent processing technology and cutting techno...

With the expertise of the processing technology and cutting technology level to win the recognition of domestic and foreign customers. The companies we work with are German BMW, Japanese Volkswagen, CREOPPTEC, HASCO, FAF, DME, and other famous companies.

"Three" standards for shipping quality

Shipment quality "three" standards: a, meet the drawing requirements; B) to meet the normal customer requirements; C, on time for shipment.

Provision of technical support

Provide technical support, we have professional 2D, 3D graphics engineers, improve efficiency and help customer engineers solve certain specific projects.


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